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Cash and a handheld till machine



Bride and groom with a laptopZoom just one look and then my heart went boom….

Bang, just one touch and all the church bells rang…

Oh zoom, you chased the day away, high noon, the moon and stars came out to play…

Then my whole wide world went zoom!

How very apt are these lyrics by fat Larry’s band from 1982!

A few weeks back I posted on my social media pages an invitation for couples who have had their plans postponed due to the covid-19 virus. That open invitation was to hold a virtual ceremony to celebrate the day that should have been, and to keep spirits high.

Then boom with the wonder of technology here we all are, living virtually every day! Couples are indeed jumping on the virtual ceremony band wagon, and it is filling that void felt by so many. If this is you, if you have had to postpone or even cancel your day and are feeling deflated and stressed with the being in limbo, not knowing when or if you’ll get that day, then maybe this could be an option for you.

A young bride and groom kissing with covid masksOf course this wouldn’t be a patch on what your actual day would have been, there’ll be no big shebang, no physical guests, no elaborate wedding breakfast or stunning cake, but what there will be is an intimate meaningful exchanging of vows and the giving and receiving of promises and rings, which at the end of the day is what love and marriage is really about. So why not consider this as an uplifting alternative, get dressed up and say your “I do’s” in front of your ever so familiar device with your loved ones tuning in to enjoy the moment with you. Tempted?



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