Hello April!

by | Apr 16, 2020 | Naming Day, Blessing Day, Celebrant

Scrabble pieces spelling out Hello April

Hello April!


New born baby girl in a pink dressA little late I know but at last we welcome April to the year, one of my favourite months, not just because yours truly has a birthday… (a rather big one!) but because for me it really does represent spring. Birds are busy fluffing up feathers looking for mates, grass is greener and flowers are blooming…. but the best thing for me is the blossom. Seeing those outstretched branches finally adorn the first buds of delicate flowers is a beautiful sight, watching new life bloom knowing that after the petals fall the fruit will grow, nature really is amazing.

Spring is also a popular time for celebrations, whether an engagement, wedding, vow renewal or naming ceremony this time of year is perfect for planning or holding your special day. So let’s talk Naming Day, a popular modern alternative to the traditional church christening but by no means any less important or meaningful.

Girl in pink party dress in a toy carA naming day can include one or more children of any age or indeed adults! As with all celebrant led celebrations there are no restrictions on time, place or content and this is a beautiful personal way to welcome a little one into the family and to bestow upon them their chosen names in the presence of friends and family.

If you are considering planning a naming day or any other significant celebration I would be more than happy to chat with you, virtually or by any other means, I look forward to hearing from you, take care and keep safe Xx

Check out my Blessings page for more details.


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