A couple holding their hands around a baby's feet in a heart shape

The arrival of a child is such a magical heart-warming event that brings so much joy into the lives of others, so why not hold a ceremony that reflects these feelings and your family values and beliefs.

Making Memories

A naming ceremony is a wonderful way to welcome a child or in fact, anyone into your family. It is an ideal opportunity for those who wish to celebrate an arrival of a new born or adopted child, or perhaps a naming or blessing of an older person is a perfect way for family and friends to express wishes, hopes and blessings.

A celebrant led ceremony is also perfect for those who wish to celebrate with semi religious or secular material, whether for mixed faith families, atheists, or those somewhere in-between. Symbolic elements can be included in the ceremony, which can involve family members as well as appointed guide parents or guardians.

I will work with you and your ideas to create a ceremony for your loved one that has all the elements of an heartfelt and meaningful welcome, including content material that reflects your beliefs, love, and closeness as a family.

Opting for a celebrant led ceremony will give you far more freedom of choice, style and content for those wishing to mark the special occasion.

Why choose me for your naming ceremony?

Three of Sylvia’s grandchildren, Flynn, Eli, and Elle

Flynn, Eli, and Elle, three of my grandchildren.

Being a mother of three girls and a grandmother to six, I have empathy, respect, and an understanding of family life and values. I have a calm and nurturing nature, and the patience of a saint, which more often than not is needed where children are concerned!

Sylvia holding her baby granddaughter, Eloise

My granddaughter, Eloise, at her blessing. 

New born baby’s feet with a blanket wrapped around them and a string of coloured fabric hearts above

Ahhh, baby feet!

You can hold your ceremony anywhere, there are some lovely venues and village halls but a garden party at home is a popular choice as it helps to keep the ceremony relaxed and stress free for all involved, especially the children who are happy and content on familiar ground.

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